Mika Liu takes 2014 WSGA Amateur Championship

President Linda Carter presents Mika Liu with Championship trophy

President Linda Carter presents Mika Liu with Championship trophy

Final Results and Match Play Trees

WSGA News Release:  June 6, 2014 

Championship Final Reduced to 18 holes due to weather

At 10:15 a.m. on June 6, 2014 a teenager teed off with a veteran collegiate golfer in the Women’s Southern Golf Association’s 99th Amateur Championship and both made history.  Mika Liu’s even par qualifying round was good enough to capture the Junior Medalist award at the Tuesday night banquet.  But, could a 15 year old golfer, attending a college preparatory sports school have the experience and talent to conquer the four inch rough of Gaillardia’s course or the strength to fight the wind?  

 History was on Liu’s side and poised to repeat. In 2009 a 14 year old teen came out of Florida, charmed an entire golf community, won Junior Medalist and proceeded to take the crown from a very experienced two time WSGA Champion.  This teen nicknamed “Lexi” was Alexis Thompson; she faced a veteran golfer with two WSGA titles in Virginia Derby Grimes and smiled her way to victory. 

 History did repeat itself despite the amazing talented play of Jayde Panos, the Oklahoma State graduating senior golfer that had been highly recruited from Perth, Australia.  Panos played an almost flawless round carding five birdies and two bogeys.  But, the teenage wonder had six birdies and one bogey, announcing to the world that she has found her passion early. Neither rough nor wind seemed to phase the teen, she seemed on a mission to see if every shot could simply be her best shot. Panos reached the 18th green but could go no further as she had simply run out of holes in the weather shortened event.  

The name Mika Liu will be forever engraved on the Championship trophy as she takes her place in history.  On the line next to her will be Finalist: Jayde Panos on every program for the WSGA Amateur.  The WSGA is all about providing the tournament opportunities for women golfers of the Southern States to make their own history. 

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images-2 2014 Women’s Southern Golf Association Senior Championship

Riverhill Country Club
Kerrville, TX
October 5-8, 2014

Riverhill Country Club

Riverhill Country Club

Some of the club personnel have changed since this video was made in 2012.  But, the history and beauty of the site is timeless and will help players find a way to the Texas Hill Country for our Senior Tournament.

Click here for a video preview of Riverhill Country Club

Enjoy the uniqueness of the Texas Hill Country on a traditional golf course designed by Golf Legend, Byron Nelson and award winning golf course architect, Joe Finger. See pictures of the three-story clubhouse at www.riverhillcc.com as well as information on this premier private club and its golf course.


“Special News Release from the Women’s Southern Golf Association”

March 18, 2014

Martha Lang

Martha Lang

WSGA Director, Martha Lang, has been appointed women’s captain of the USA’s 2014 World Amateur Team Championships’ team by the United States Golf Association.  The WATC women’s tournament will start September 3, 2014 in the city of Karuizawa, in Nagnao Prefecture, Japan.   The men’s team championship follows Sept. 10th.  Each member Country will bring one women’s team and one men’s team consisting of two or three players from the country top amateur ranks.  The format is a four day stroke play total of the best two scores of each day.

The WATC was formed in 1958 to foster the international development of golf and foster friendship among nations through the amateur game of golf.  The Women’s division was added in 1964.  The WATC is a biennial international amateur competition representing 120 member countries. Each two years the sites rotate among three geographic zones: Asia-Pacific, Americas, Europe-Africa.

This is not the first for time the Women’s Southern Golf Association has supplied a Captain of the World Team from its ranks.  In 1972 WSGA Director and past WSGA President, Evelyn Monsted, bought the Espirito Santo Trophy home with the USA team from Buenous Aires, Argentina.    WSGA Director and past WSGA President, Katherine Graham also captained a winning team in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1990.

The USA women have not won custody of the WATC trophy since 1998 despite winning the event 13 times.  That team of 1998 was aided by the 1995 WSGA Champion, Brenda Corrie Kuehn of Fletcher, NC.  Kuehn also played on the bronze medal team in 1996.  Other WSGA Champions playing for the US World Team were in 1970 Martha Kirouac of Norcross, GA the 1990 WSGA Champion and in 1992 and 1994 Sarah Lebrun Ingram of Nashville, TN both 1993 and 1994 WSGA Champion.  Ingram and teammates captured custody of the Espirito Santo Trophy in 1994 by beating Korea by only four strokes.

The picture of Martha Lang speaking was taken at the WSGA Centennial Celebration in Atlanta in 2011.  She was chosen to speak for her own history is so tied to the founding principles of the WSGA.   She was awarded the first full academic scholarship of the WSGA in 1973, won the WSGA Amateur twice, joined the WSGA board of directors, and then won WSGA Senior Championship.  All she has left in her WSGA career is to grow old enough to win the WSGA Super Senior title. Willingly the WSGA has shared Lang’s talents with others.  She has been on the USGA Women’s Committee since 1999 and is the immediate past Chairman of the Committee.  And now, she adds Captain to her title.

The WSGA proudly supports the new Captain of the USA WATC women’s team and hopes she follows in the footsteps of Monsted and Graham as she leads the 26th USA’s Women’s Amateur Team on a four day quest to capture the Espirito Santo Trophy.

More information on WATC and the USA Teams can be found at http:www.igfgolf.org or http://wwwusga.org